Discover the Striking Beauty of the Curl-crested Aracari: A Toucan Like No Other!


Latin name:Pteroglossus beauharnaesii Unique colorful feature: Blue-ringed eye and multi-colored body Where they are found: Amazon Basin in South America Size: Length: 16 to 18 inches (40 to 45 cm); Weight: 6.7 to 9.9 ounces (190 to 280 g) Diet: fruitThis toucan hangs out with his own peeps while foraging in fruit trees in the  lowland forests of Western Brazil, Northern Peru, and Central Bolivia.

Boasting a yellow chest and underparts, red back, dark green wings, and tail, and a multicolored beak, this colorful toucan looks like he's wearing a Jheri  curl perm from the 1980s due to the unusual black, tightly curled feathers on his head.

As monogamous birds, both male and female make their nest together in former woodpecker hollows and share in the incubation and raising of  3 to 4 eggs.


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