Lilac-breasted Roller: a stunning bird


Latin name:Coracias caudatus Unique colorful feature: Lilac throat with multicolored body Where they are found: Eastern and Southern Africa Size: Length: 14.5 inches (37 cm); Weight: 3.6 ounces (104 g) Diet: insects, arthropods, and small rodentsIt's no wonder that the lilac-breasted roller is the unofficial  national bird of both Kenya and Botswana. Who wouldn't want to claim one of the world's most colorful birds?

This little birdie looks like he was splattered with a set of brilliant pastel paint colors, ranging from his lilac throat and chest to blue-green head and nape, violet wings, blue underparts, and brown shoulders.


With both male and female of this species looking similar in appearance, these birds diet on grasshoppers, lizards, scorpions, beetles, crabs, snails, and rodents.

Like other rollers, this lilac-breasted species knows how to put on an impressive courtship display by diving and rolling in the air with loud and rowdy sounds.

These monogamous birds prefer to nest in ready-made holes previously created by kingfishers and woodpeckers. They usually lay  2 to 4 eggs which are incubated by both parents.


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