A Rather Shaggy Swept Back Mohawk Is Worn Along With A Suit Of Pure White Flecked With Black Shown Off In Stunning Style – Meet The Crested Kingfisher!


Wearing a shaggy mohawk sets off their pure white chest flecked with jet black plumage in stunning style!

Meet the Crested Kingfisher

Photo Courtesy of Tokumi – File:Wiki-yamasemi-osu.jpg / Copyrighted free use The crested kingfisher (Megaceryle lugubris), is a very large kingfisher that has white plumage underneath which is flecked with black on the back and wings. This bird also has a black flecked chest, sometimes mixed with rufous. On the head is a very large shaggy crest that distinguishes it from the similarly black and white Pied Kingfisher.


Photo Courtesy of Tokumi – File:Wiki-yamasemi-osu.jpg / Copyrighted free useThe female of the species looks almost identical to the male.

Though she is lacking the rufous tones the male sometimes has.

Photo Courtesy of Mike Prince / CC BY 2.0This species is native to parts of southern Asia, stretching eastwards from the Indian Subcontinent all the way to Japan.

The Crested Kingfisher is usually found in the mountains and foothills of resident countries. It can be found near small and larger rivers hunting for fish and crayfish.


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