So Cute And Fluffy, They Look Like Cheeky, Flying, Multi-Colored Pom Poms – Meet The Eurasian Blue Tit!


Common to many parts of Europe and some parts of North Africa is a cheeky little pom pom of a bird splashed with lovely blues and yellows.

Found throughout many wooded areas, parks, gardens, and hedges as well as farmland a small very cute pom pom of a bird easily recognizable by its blue and yellow plumage.

Meet the Eurasian blue tit

Photo Courtesy of Francis C. Franklin / CC-BY-SA-3.0The Eurasian blue tit is a small passerine bird with a bright blue cap and back, with a white face and dark lines across its eyes.


It also has a yellow belly and a short somewhat stubby beak.

Photo Courtesy of Charles James Sharp – CC-BY-SA-3.0Juvenile's of this species is usually seen in summer and early autumn, they tend to have more dull plumage with a yellowish tone to their face.

Photo Courtesy of akulatraxas / CC BY-SA 2.0A non-migratory bird, these birds live throughout much of temperate and subarctic Europe living in deciduous or mixed wooded areas, predominately made up of oak trees.


Photo Courtesy of Musicaline / CC BY-SA 4.0Frequent visitors to back yard feeders, the Eurasian blue tit is also famed for its acrobatic skills as it hunts dine's on insects and spiders.

However, outside of the breeding season, it will eat seeds and some plant matter.

Photo Courtesy of W.carter / Public DomainThis bird likes to nest in tree holes, but will next in nesting boxes at a pinch. Its main competitor for such locations is the bigger and more common Great tit.

Photo Courtesy of hedera.baltica / CC BY-SA 2.0The Eurasian blue tit population is currently not under threat.


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